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Hi, everybody!
As you all know, there are many different online games. I wonder why there's onle a Topic named "Online Games" xD~
A few months ago, I found a cool one! It looks kinda cute and is so much fun.
I didn't see a topic for that game yet.
It's called "Trickster Online", heard about it? It's my favourite MMORPG of all the ones I played. It has all that a MMORPG should have, with some extras other online games haven't - like a card battle system or the drilling system.
Some People say it looks a bit like Ragnarok, but it doesn't.
Trickster got a better graphic, it's more detailed.
You should take a look ^--^
Here's the link:
Please tell me how you think about it!
btw, my fav. character is the Dragon~ <3
The game is FREE, so don't have to pay for it^^

Greetz, Souhi


5 Free Gacha Coins!  Oh my god! 

OMG MY FAV CARACTER IZ TEH DRAGON 2! <3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


--- Quote from: Souhi on July 12, 2007, 09:32:41 AM ---Some People say it looks a bit like Ragnarok, but it doesn't.
--- End quote ---

Some people say I look like Vern but i don't!

Also, someone should register on their site and make a post like this one that links back to a GS thread full of Goatse and Lemon Party or something.

Or a thread where we all progressively show weirder and weirder physical attraction towards our furry characters.


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