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What the hell, GS.  I'm gone for a week and a half in about 24 hours.

It's Friday and I am bored.  The boss just made me go outside and mow the grass, but it hasn't rained in so long that it was more like mowing dirt.

I'm reading about Eris now.  Both the goddess and the planet... Because Pluto just got demoted again.  Now Eris is the biggest dwarf planet and Pluto is number two.

I think there's an anti-Pluto conspiracy.

So the guy who discovered Eris wanted to call it Xena.  His justification is that it's okay to name something after pop culture because "Pluto is named after a cartoon."

I think it's important for our genius astronomers to not know what the planets are named after. 

And then I looked up the wikipedia entry for Earth, to see if I could learn anything about those strange Earth Creatures.

Oh, we're trying to drill into the mantle right now!


It'll awaken the demons.


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