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Speaking of Dawn of the Dead, I went and saw Kyle Cooper talk last night. It's odd to meet such an amazing designer and find out that, well, he's just some random guy with some kids and a job. He talked about the DotD title sequence (he was on a low budget for that, so to get that fluid effect, he printed the titles with red on black paper and used a spray bottle with acetone to get it to "drip away" and, no, it's not actually blood) and the end sequence on the boat and island (test audiences hated the happy ending, so they hired Cooper to come in a give you the freak-out island ending).

Pretty amazing and diverse work. Se7en and Bridge to Terabitha!

Terabithia made me cry.

And, yes, the new Dawn's title sequence was just wonderful. 

I also see that you did not queue up The Quiet Earth when I told you to, Tyson.  Because I spy on my Netflix Friends every day. 

The Quiet Earth -- one of the more enjoyable post-apocalyptic films around, and just about covers all of the What Would You Do bases in the first half or so.  Complete with putting on women's clothes, stealing locomotives, and going on a batshit insane shooting spree.

I'm going to queue Bratz just to  piss you off.

And suggest it to me every day.


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