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BSG Season 4, linking webisodes, and the long-awaited season 4.5

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--- Quote ---Apparently, the footage below may well have been an Easter Egg on a previous home video releases of the new BATTLESTAR series.  I don't have the show on discs, and my BATTLESTAR-collecting friends never saw the Easter Egg I suppose...and this is aparently making the rounds anew on Facebook and it's still of interest to some of you.  I think it's pretty cool...

If you recall the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICE series as well as I do, you might remember that every episode ended with a Lorne Greene-narrated voiceover/coda which showed the "rag-tag fugitive fleet" heading off in search of Earth. 

Ron Moore & David Eick's reinvention of the show did not utilize this coda, but some of the animators working on the series apparently talked lead Edward James Olmos into narrating a new version of said wrap-up, and laid it over new effects work which very closely resembles the angles and ships featured in Glen A. Larson's progenitor series back in the 70s (although featuring the Battlestar from the contemporary series). 

The result of this has now been posted on ByYourCommand's Facebook page, along with the following context...

    "This was the very last production piece done in the 2003 show. It was done by Mojo. It pays homage to the original series with the ships laid out in the original series closing credit, and the Adama closing comment done by Edward Olmos "Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest...a shining planet known as Earth."
--- End quote ---

I have a hard time watching stuff at work post-upgrade. So that really sucks. I want to see this!

Though, when I first saw this thread bumped, I have to admit that I kind of dreaded clicking on it...

Okay! So it took me 13 years to go back to BSG, and it took me three years to do the marathon because I knew this shit was coming.

And, guess what? I WAS WRONG! BSG is the greatest sci-fi ever. Post Game of Thrones fucking up their entire season, my only complaint with BSG is some decisions they made in the fine minutes of their final episode. All those decisions were telegraphed and informed by the majority of the series, certainly season 3 onwards. But more likely from the second season when they found Kobol onwards.

I still have complaints. I still feel like RDM overstepped. I still feel like they couldn't quite stick the landing. But it all makes sense now. It's all good now. And it's one of the only genre series that has been able to execute a finale that, now in hindsight from post-apocalypse America, wasn't offensively terrible.

Make Sci-Fi Great Again!


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