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BSG Season 4, linking webisodes, and the long-awaited season 4.5

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Rest in peace, Battlestar Galactica. May your guns silence the immense Babylon 5 nerds who love that festering turd.

It's probably wise to end early, really.  Unless they go for the reboot that the old series did when they changed galaxies, there's only so far you can string out the story.  Season three sort of put that in focus, I think.

Though, now, we'll be faced with a Sci-Fi gap, no?  Atlantis will be our last place for glitzy, journeyman, lovable team sci-fi.



I'll watch Heroes. I can live without spaceships if I need to.

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person who tolerates Stargate.  Of course, I probably shouldn't be so open about liking it.  And, deep down, I can't truly say that I do like it.  I'm just compelled to watch it because I have been for ten years, so it's a weird force of habit.

that's how I watched Star Trek, until I said "fuck it no more" and liking Star Trek wasn't cool anyway.


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