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So I'm loving Buffy "Season Eight" so far.  But, now, we get this:

--- Quote ---Angel Season-Six Comics Due?

Ain't It Cool News reported that Joss Whedon, whose Buffy the Vampire Slayer season-eight comic series has proven a best-seller, is now contemplating a "sixth-season" comic series based on Buffy spinoff Angel.

The site added that Whedon will not devote the same level of commitment that he's given the new Buffy series to the Angel one. He has designated comic-book veteran Brian Lynch to serve as the Angel "season-six show runner."

The third issue of the Buffy comic is hitting stores now.
--- End quote ---

So I thought the series finale was, well, final.  And well done.  Whedon needs to not fuck it up.  It was one of those perfect endings.  Buffy had an open ending, so no problem to turn it into a comic book series.  But Angel's mass kill-off and hopeless last stand...wonderful.

Though Whedon did fuck it up already with Fray.  In fact... Whedon's just a fuck up, period.  I don't know why I bother complaining. 

so... i'm joining the tv party late again.  Buffy's story is being continued in comics?  That sounds pretty cool.  Is this a first -- comics created to continue canceled shows when there weren't comics before the show was canceled?  Eh, probably not but it still sounds unique. 

I don't know if it's a first but, in the Whedon universe, he did it for Firefly (linking the series and the movie with a limited-issue comic) and he tried to do it with Fray, which picked up a couple hundred years after Angel lost his battle in the tv show's finale and was insulting and stupid and died a quick death.

Buffy 8 picks up about a year after the finale, which was left pretty wide open.

So Angel's season six has started...and it's already better than Buffy season 8.  I was more of an Angel fan, anyway.  And Whedon's handled spoiling that great final battle in a way that didn't really let me down.  As was discussed in the abysmal Fray series, Wolfram & Hart took Angel and all of LA to hell right as he was charging the dragon. 

We start out lame with the dragon deciding not to fight, but the trapped in hell thing, and a nice little twist at the end, makes issue one promising.

I feel like Wesley being alive cheapens his death.


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