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hour two:  Eight rum and RC's

Observations:  I drive women away thanks to various reasons
I have not showered
Red Dwarf season two is better than one
I am nervous and twitchy
We are running out of rum
We are running out of rum
We are running out of rum
We are running out of --



Partner in publishing company comes home.  Realizes I've drunk a bottle of rum with my webmaster.  Sneers in disgust.

Tells us that we're drinking straight rum.  She lies.  

Makes webmaster walk a chalk line.  Mocks me for social problems.  Drinks the rest of my glass.  Asks me to count backwards from one.  I start at 30.


Now bitching about whose family is worse and Nacho's allergies have exploded.  I'm sober and he's drunk out of his mind.  He says he needs to take a long break.  From what?  Who knows.

so drunk


talk about secrets

i love

my little pony

little unicorns



I am the childlike empress

the neverending stoooooorrrrryyyyyy

Hour 512:

Rumour has it there's a hooker in town.  Search begins.  Said hooker hangs at the VFW.  Though all mail members of my family have served in wars (Nam, Korea, WW2 and WW1) am not a member.  Must seek hooker after cum spray from old vets.

Will search tonight.  Dark hair and tats.  Said tats are covering body.  Tats are nice.

Hooker said to live in poor people apts.  Unable to approach as am not native.  Unwilling to pay for sex regardless.

Rum has vanished.  Have sent hillbilly friend out for vodka.  Vopdka en route.  Danger feeling.  Avoiding spin with soda, allergy pills and bread.  Cheese, too.  Fat will help.

Old college friend calls.  Return to house from deck.


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