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--- Quote from: Tyson ---Or you could have saved yourself the hours you spent writing that and just planned on showing up on stage drunk with tattered notes.

"Oh. Mic? Mic. Ok ok. Right."

*paper rustling*

"I... Uh. Hold on. Mic? Right right. Ok. Graduates. It was said by the great philosopher Black Kenya. Keys? Whatever. 'What about tonight?' I urge you to think about tonight. Can I get a show of hands: who's parent's are out of town and have a keg? Good. Right. Talk to me afterwards.

Our ship is at port, Dr. Spock! What about tonight. Did I drop my paper?"

With that speech, I hope you're making some face time at the parties with the girls. They'll be fawning over you for sure!
--- End quote ---

Kudos, Tyson; you made me cackle. Very nice speech. Very nice indeed. I may use it for my University Class President Speech in a coupla weeks time.



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