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The end days are here!


--- Quote from: nacho ---The end days are here!
--- End quote ---

Nacho, I just realized something. You were born the same year I dropped out of the 9 to 5 rat race in journalism. I was 30 at the time -- plenty old enough to be your father. Wait a second -- maybe I AM your father. What's your mother's first name? And did she spend any time in Hawaii around 1973? (I was a pretty wild Air Force jockey back in those days.) Post a photo of her because I'm suddenly very curious. To think you might be my illegitimate offspring is rather mind-boggling.

I suddenly feel the need to watch Magnolia* again.

*one of the top 10 films ever made


--- Quote from: Nubbins ---*one of the top 10 films ever made
--- End quote ---

What's with you and being abso-fuckin-lutely correct today? Props, my friend, cracker-ass-white-kid props to you.

<--- New avatar! SAFETY TIME!


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