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Oh and what are the dates?  Let's start planning the GS meet for the viewing now.  Or, if something goes wrong and you aren't screened, then we'll just have a drunk-up somewhere.

Screening dates aren't announced until after the competition weekend (May 4 - 6), but it's usually Tuesday through Saturday the next week after. (Probably May 14 - 19)

How about Saturday the 19th, then?  Maybe chance will be on our side. 

If we make "best of" that's likely to be the screening. However, DC is the hometown contest and the competition is fierce.

And all the screenings are at the AFI which is walking distance from your and fajwat's apartment.

So will the 19th be too hard for Team RC?  Maybe do Saturday the 12th and call it a post-filming party and we all can have a private screening?


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