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--- Quote ---In an effort to prove that nothing is impossible if you're fucking crazy enough to try it-- and lucky enough not to get killed in any one of a thousand ways-- Martin Strel, a guiness record-holding marathon swimmer, has decided to throw on his wetsuit and swim up the goddamn Amazon River.

Yes, that Amazon River. Swimming. For more than 3,000 miles. (Or more than 5,000 kilos, if you prefer.)

In 2000, he swam the length of the Danube. In 2002, he swam the length of the Mississippi. In 2004, he swam about 2500 miles of the Yangtze. He holds the record for longest distance swum non-stop after swimming 313 miles in 84 hours and ten minutes in 2001. Jesus.

So, the guy is clearly a physical dynamo. I mean, really, if you can swim that far already, I don't see endurance being much of an issue.

On the other hand, the Amazon is studded with thousands of things that can fucking kill you. This looks like the equivalent of a world record-holding marathon runner saying, "And now, I'm going to run 26 miles through a track strewn about with randomly placed land mines!"

Granted, he's not alone. He's got both foreigners and natives with him in boats as support staff and guides and such, but that doesn't make it much less hardcore. It just makes it vaguely possible. We'll see.

It's amazing he can swim at all. I imagine his enormous balls would get in the way.

You can keep up with his progress at www.amazonswim.com. He's just started off his journey and has only been swimming for about 32 hours.
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This guy is batshit.  The Amazon can be fucking terrifying and there is no way in hell I'd even think to attempt this.


Reginald McGraw:

--- Quote from: Nubbins on February 02, 2007, 01:47:51 PM ---The Amazon can be fucking terrifying...

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As I know from my frequent trips there with super-models and motorcycles!!


I didn't bring it up you did!


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