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I love camping.  The idea of it.  The reality is something different.  I've already given up on waiting 40 minutes for campfire coffee and will only camp where I can plug shit up.  I think I am getting old.  I nice hot breakfast sounds good right now.  I wish the wife would wake up so I could go find one.

Amean, brother. The wife and I did some camping a few weeks a go and may head out this weekend to do some more. It's teh whole idea of communing with nature. Hell, not even that hippie of a concept. It's getting in touch with the natural past, your own primate/pioneer heritage.

Exactly.  Usually it's great.  Nothing beats getting up just when the sun shows up and just sitting there, listening to the silence with a cup of coffee.  Those days I love.  It's the days when the kids are complaining that they're bored and the wife is pissed because you are already doing what you want to do which just happens to be staring at that tree over there then you give up and go do whatever they want then it rains just before you're ready to go to bed and you wake up and it's 40 degrees out.   Those days just suck.  Kids don't know how to entertain themselves with nothing anymore.  It's bad enough that all of a sudden they just invented child molesters and you can't let the kids go ANYWHERE without you tagging along.  I'm sure they had kiddie fuckers when I was a kid.  We just had enough sense to cut them if they tried anything.  We overprotect the kids and took away their weapons.  I carried a knife everywhere from the time I was seven on.  I mean, church.  It didn't matter.  I was always armed.  So was every kid I knew.  And we all knew how to stab the shit out of something.  It's no wonder kids never move out of their parents houses anymore.  I can't wait to buy the kid a big ass fuck off knife and teach him to stab shit in the guts.  Then I can send him to the playground without me.  I can sit here and watch that tree over there.