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Reginald McGraw:
Saw it last night.


If you liked any of the Rocky will like this.

Oh, man.  I was hoping that wouldn't be the case... Now I have to get all the Rocky movies and watch them again.

Reginald McGraw:
Just skip 5.  It is excluded from the continuity.  And it's an awful movie.

Also:  Peter Petrelli as Rocky's son!

I can't remember if I ever saw five... They're all, like, one movie.  Watching them all together is the sort of thing you do on a snowbound weekend in your parent's basement on the rat-gnawed old couch, you know?

Well...back before we were adults and now spend the snowbound weekend either throwing children into snowdrifts or sitting alone and exercising futility and regret.

I never saw five.

I'm on my way to see this one RIGHT NOW!


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