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So... I feel kind of like I might be annexing the "crazy video" thread a bit here, but Youtube is so friggin huge now, that I think it might merit its own special thread.

Seriously... this shit is like crack.  The amount of stuff that people upload to Youtube on a daily basis is absolutley staggering.

This is a thread for the Youtube stuff... the horrid video blogs, the insigificant 45 second video clip made by strange teenagers in Oakland... the Horrorfest tryouts... that stuff.

Honestly, I'm specifically interested in finding the absolute worst of Youtube.  I want to see the shit that people should be embarassed to have uploaded for the world to see.

Youtube is rapidly becoming a household name... a piece of our culture and a significant placemarker of our time.  I am officially hooked.

Just so you know what you're up against... in case you didn't already... Youtubers

So much emo, it hurts my face.

The world is filled with Emo the same way it is filled with cancer and The AIDs.

Holy lord people are fucking idiots.


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