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James Bond: where anonymous internet pervs unite.

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Edit:  This thread is the number one hit for GS.  You porn freaks.  So, I suggest, once you're done whacking off, you help support me!,3393.0.html

Well...there we go, then.  Rebooted and hitting the ground running:  007.  I am in love with it.  What a crazy, fun, stupid movie.  I don't even mind the police trying to stop an out of control jet fuel tanker truck by machine gunning it.

And we finally get Bond ordering a real Bond martini. 

I loved 007 movies as a kid. Loved the Nintendo 64 game to death, as well.

Hopefully I can go see this next weekend.

Mystery and intrigue!

Dear Diary:

Today I dreamed that I was in the shower sucking on Eva Green's fingers.

The new Bond film is fantastic.

I want Eva Green for my wife.

Any topless photos out there?

I haven't looked, actually... Stupid me.


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