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It's only burning a bridge if you have a chance to do something else with them in the future.  And, since there are about a million small colleges with locations just like theirs, I wouldn't worry about it. 

Because, let's face it... One of their alumniseesers comes to them with big news:  (a) He's making a coolio movie with a coolio budget and (b) He wants to help support his alma mater and they reply with a big, wet, "Fuck you," then, well, fuck them.  Because they'll sure be glad to contact you for money after this.  Trust me.  They'll come to you with hat in hand, and big puppy dog eyes.  Oh, we'll be glad to put this in the alumni newsletter.  Oh, it's so great you're doing this.  Oh, please consider a donation.

Time to learn the difference between bridges and swamps, RC.  A hard lesson for me, too.

You may be right. And I have no doubt that they'll come crawling for money when they think I've made some. (They of course will forget that this is LOW BUDGET independent film, so any money I make will be miniscule.)

However, they've been very polite about rejecting me though, so I'll at least be polite in handling it.

But yeah, I think they're missing out on a good opportunity for publicity. They simply made it clear that it's not the type of publicity they're interested in.

(For those of you wondering what this is about, my college alma mater rejected my request to use the campus as a location for Women's Studies. Which since we've already made some adjustments because of it, has turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise.)

That's a great thing, isn't it?  These mega fuckups all turn out to be blessings.  I've run into that myself.

But, still, fuck them.  Not the publicity they wanted.  Dude -- Publicity Plan A:  Get stoodents!!!

Dotty would have done it.


--- Quote from: nacho on November 15, 2006, 04:45:56 PM ---Dotty would have done it.

--- End quote ---

Dotty would have gotten me the money to do it, and paid for drinks every night after shooting.


I'm prepping a film industry "View from the Bottom" blog for tomorrow. However, I'm still open to suggestions for blog subject matter. We have some behinds the scenes and design work going, but I want to wait until things get closer to an end point to talk about it.

So . . . what do you want to know?


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