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How about more on the history and process of the script and, more importantly, you.  I know you've touched on that... But more on inspirations, your personal journey.  Folksy hometown shit.  And maybe some history on the revival of the arts scene in the DC area, as well as your experiences elsewhere.

And perhaps even horribly disgusting "how I met Cindy" nonsense to bring together the sense that Ningen Manga is Real People, you know?  You're not just investing in a movie -- you're investing in a valid and powerful dream that has strong faith and support behind it, etc.

So, was the last blog totally gay? I just reread it, and it was left me sort of "meh."

You whored SFWP, so I love it.

The last blog entry was a man who had sex with me, so yes.  Gay.  Totally.

Unless he's bisexual or was drunk enough that he thought I was a flat chested hairy woman.


"Women's Studies"

(I love how you lead off with that shot in today's blog.)


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