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Around January 1, we'll start to move into official pre-production on Women's Studies, which is something of a cool milestone.

Next week marks the last of the "character" blogs. therefore, I thought now would be a good time to get some feedback on the blog (from those of you who have been reading it) and see what has been working, what hasn't, blogs you've found interesting, and blogs you've found boring as hell.

Also, I'd love to hear ideas on subjects you'd like to see covered in future blogs.

The blog is great, man.  Shut up and keep posting.  Because, now, I'd like to see what I've failed to deliver in the SFWP blog -- behind the scenes what's what, as well as obsevations on the industry (also small vs. large, and how hard it is).

The big problem has been that most of the work insofar has been paperwork and fundraising dealing with financing, and I'm not to eager to talk about it since I'm dealing with other people's money and reputations.

Now, as things start to get on firmer ground, I should be getting into actual behind the scenes stuff that's interesting AND that I feel comfortable talking about.

I do think you should slag D& name.


--- Quote from: nacho on November 15, 2006, 04:25:44 PM ---I do think you should slag D& name.

--- End quote ---

One must think about the future . . . this is not a business where you can afford to burn bridges over a "no."

However, I think now is a good time to pontificate on the industry with a view from the bottom.


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