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Starrwriter has gone crazy

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leads to

Don't get pissed off.  Just laugh at him.  He's a fucking tool and he's really gone crazy.  Don't fag up his thread, I'll delete your post.

I'm offended that I'm not on his hit-list. Bastard.

You don't matter, never did, never will.  Jesus

I edited your post.  He left Tyson out as well.  That's Nubbins

Yeah. He's trying to get me to align on his side or something.

*rolls eyes*

I just need him to sign the dotted line for that story I used in Issue 5 so I can throw it online and then I can be done with the drama.

But it's so fun to watch!

"You retards have no life. I'll never think of GS again!" *spends hours thinking up and making GS parody*


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