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So, the Women's Studies media blitz has begun. This thread is to collect any and all press articles, reviews, etc. that may pop up. Should you run across anything pertaining to the film in your travels. Please post a link here.

First up is a general intro piece by


I've been reading Fangoria magazine since I was ten years old, so this is pretty huge for me.


This is one damned fine quote: “The movie has no political agenda except to show how scary cults can be. It’ s all done in the spirit of horror-movie fun. Feminists, misogynists, pagans, abortionists—we skewer everybody, both figuratively and literally.... It’s also scary as hell.”

I think I'll use that when promoting the film from now on.

The french horror site, Oh my Gore, reprinted our press release.

Arrow in the Head did an article too.


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