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And So Summer Begins

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A once thiriving ecosystem, Great Society is now devoid of life as far as the eye can see. There are no clouds in the sky and no water on the ground. There is only blue and sand.

*pan across desert valley landscape*

Summer has begun.

*shots of different plants and wind-swept things*

However, there is one creature that remains. Alone.

*shot of strange animal running in circles*

This lone Tyson wanders blindly through the sage, perhaps delirious with boredom. Tysons are peculiar creatures. They've been known to hide in their homes in the hillsides for days, when all the other animals are at the pond, getting drunk on fetid pond water. They've been known to scurry in circles for hours every day before collapsing in exhaustion and then doing it again the next day.

They're also easy to step on.


Summer continues.

I'm here.

I usually lurk around the forums, but I guess I'll say stuff since no one is about.  Don't expect any of it to make since though.  I have the I.Q. of a banana.  I was going to say the attention span of a banana.  Then I thought about it, and bananas are quite patient.  Since they're inanimate objects and all.  Anyway, I couldn't think of anything better.

You know what, glitter is soooo pretty.

Oh, we still have plenty of activity!  Just wait till everyone goes home, starts their soul-sucking summer jobs and leave for vacations in distant lands.

I remember my college summers... Three jobs, seven days a week.  I had a Video Wasteland account, and they'd ship VHS tapes to me...much like Netflix.  I'd watch the tapes at work on my lunch break!  Or while I was waiting for the other job to start.  I never went home except to sleep.

These days, though, I'll be back after the trip and you and I can make 500-post word association threads.


The stomped-upon Tyson raises its meek head and realizes: Only 9 more posts until Goblin Queen hits 69 posts.

Self-referential third-person is annoying.



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