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--- Quote from: fajwat on September 12, 2006, 11:16:55 AM ---
I got to vote for two slots, both in the board of education: at large, and my local district. I went with the two recommended by the apple (teacher's union). I feel so empowered.

--- End quote ---

I went a little sideways on this one.  Mfume (, doomed.  That chick against Van Hollen might as well give up now.  Don't even know what she's about, but she's not Hitler.  A++, will vote for again.  My Lucinda girl along with Aaron Klein (since I know the kid, glad I ran into emo boy who brought my attention to him).  Should be a nice day of defeat.

I just realized -- emo stands more for emotive than emotional, doesn't it?

It stands for "pretend to be gay and attract fag hags and abuse them emotionally."

Ah.  Thank you for the clarification.


Jesus . . . Is Virginia even having primaries?


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