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So I wake up, Fajwat's drunk the last little bit of coffee, I head off to vote without caffeine in my system thinking, hey, Starbucks Clone is right next to the polling place.  No prob.

Arrive polling place and…I'm not on their records.  I changed the address, I got the form that told me where my polling place was and confirmed everything and, again, on the sample ballot.

Fajwat's ballot is fucked up too because he switched his party affiliation to communist or something.

So he and I sit there with these sweet old biddies and this overworked, freaked out judge for about 45 minutes getting provisional ballots set up.  As the Coffee Wall bears down on me and my brain starts to freeze up, I fill out the provisional scantron and, now, it's lining the judge's parrot cage I think.

Oh well… All I want is the satisfaction of voting against fucking Chris Van Hollen, the next Hitler (I know this in a sort of Dead Zone way).

Now I'm sucking down a gallon of fucking trash Starbucks and swallowing a fistful of Advil.  The reason I don't get mixed up with drugs is because I'm in awe of the power of caffeine.  It terrifies me to think what the serious drugs are like.

I stopped drinking coffee for a while.  You'd been maintaining the coffee and I figured you put the beans somewhere else.  So Ooookay, we're really out of coffee.  I'll try to get some today (or I'll let you know).  Your Pete's was good, tho.

Oh, and there is no communist party.  If we had an active socialist party I might've been interested.

I got to vote for two slots, both in the board of education: at large, and my local district.  I went with the two recommended by the apple (teacher's union).  I feel so empowered.

Pete's is the best I've found since my Canadian guy (and his small-farms Cuban stuff) dried up.  God I miss him...

I am going to start hiding beans, though.  Line my mattress with them like a vampire.  Must...sleep...on native earth...

dude, you'd been doing coffee for over a month and I'd had, like, 4 small pots.  You coulda said something before you went into migrane hell.

On the other hand, we both have tea, eh??


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