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It's Mike (and, now, the crew slowly reassembling) putting out the same stuff they did for MST3K. 

Now, haha, okay.  Except... Hold on a fucking moment, they're doing real movies.  Night of the Living Dead, holyholy Fifth Element.  What's going on?

We'll cut right to the greatest sin -- the Fifth Element riff.  How dare they!  And, yet... Oh, Crow and Tom Servo are gone.  The banter is gone.  It's all gone.  But, you know, Mike did all the jokes, in the end.  And, in my somewhat drunken state, after about 15 minutes of hating this shit and hating Mike Nelson, I am now totally into this.  It's MST3K given real power.

And let's talk about great ideas.  It's just Mike talking and no movie sounds in the background so, hey, no copyright problems.  He can do this with any movie he wants.  Nobody can stop him.  And all he charges is two bucks a download.  It's obviously some sort of off the cuff weird idea for the first batch here, but with Kevin Murphy on Star Trek V you just know that This Is The Beginning.

(Also -- in the wink wink dept -- there are versions floating around everywhere where people have meshed together the film soundtrack and the rifftrax so it's like MST3K without the silhouettes.  A bit easier for those jumping into this because Mike's occasional long silences aren't as glaring.  In fact, I suggest you either find those or watch these with the sound of the movie going in the background as Mike often gives you history of the character/scene or just plain sits there and watches the scene. )

Upload 5th Element. I want to see if it's really worth it.

5th Element's the weakest.  NotLD is the better one.  And, yes, I see really need the movie playing with sound in the background.  My mistake for stealing these, I was listening with sound off and that was hurting.


Night in about half an hour.




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