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Natural Enemies


I've gone on about how much I hate Van Hollen before, mainly because I know he's an android fueled by eating kittens and babies.  But he's the darling of my district...


--- Quote ---Redistricing in 2002 made this Montgomery County-based seat reliably Democratic, and incumbent Chris Van Hollen coasted to a 75%-25% win in 2004. Van Hollen has proven himself to be an activist liberal, assailing some of the parliamentary controls used by the Republican majority, and a defender of federal jobs -- a key constituency in the Washington, D.C. suburbs

Given the partisan breakdown of the district, expect a 3rd term for Van Hollen in the fall.
--- End quote ---

Old Scratch will be up against:

Since Zubairi is, clearly, an idiot, I expect him to get abbout 0.7% of the vote.  VH gets the win again, though I'll be writing in Osama bin Laden on the ballot.

I have an insane rant about VH here:

Let's look at Zubairi's "issues":

--- Quote ---Public Transportation is Inadequate

We need to fix the environment

Our Highway and Road System is over capacity

Gang Activity is at an all time high

Drugs are becoming a major issue in our county's best schools

Housing is no longer attainable, let alone AFFORDABLE

Social Security is simply broken
--- End quote ---

Also, the sky is blue.  Sorry... BLUE!


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