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Bill Moake:
I go away for a couple days and I'm banned? What the fuck is going on?

I didn't have anything to do with Nachohorse or Starmarmot. You people have turned into raving paranoiacs.

I decided to take a break after Nacho refused to remove that Monkey-shit description from Freaky Times. He's the one who asked me to do Freaky Times in the first place, then he buried it with a banal description and switched it to "gay semen dog-fingering Jew."

I replaced my original posts with OLTF (Off Limits To Fucktards) to see if anyone could guess what it meant before I defined it later. It was a joke, for Chrissakes. Anyone still have a sense of humor around here?

Someone took advantage of the situation to make it look like I was trying to ruin the forum with stupid posts. I strongly suspect Nacho. He's the one who seems to have had a meltdown, not me.

How many of you agree with me being banned without any evidence I did anything I have been accused of? I'm curious to know. I thought I had some friends here, but maybe I'm wrong.

I don't know about everyone, but I had the impression that most people didn't know what was going on. At the least, I didn't really know what was going on. I just assumed I was missing something important and looked at more porn.

Same with the Nachohorsa and Starrmrmot thing. Eventually I just assumed it was you trying to make it funny or something.

Eh, whatever. Now I want to know who was pulling the Nachohorsa and Starrmarmot thing.


*internet self-destructs in 5... 4...*

Internet drama = not my deal.

Here's the deal.  I'm not saying who was starmarmot and nachohorsa.  We know who they were and that's that.  I was the one who changed the description, you flipped out on Nach because of it and he didn't even know anything about it at the time.  

The main problem was your behavior towards another member of this forum.  You know what I'm talking about.  If you don't then you're just insane.  

You want to stay, no skin off my nuts.  Reregister and behave.  Simple as that.  I'm back now and am putting my iron glove back on.   That goes for you too monkey!

Off Limits to Fucktards!


now i can sleep at night.


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