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Women's Studies Conceptual Art

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--- Quote from: tysonatemyballs on August 09, 2006, 01:10:42 PM ---What role does concept art play in making a movie?

--- End quote ---

The idea behind concept art is two-fold.

First off, some of your money types may not be visually minded, so conceptual pieces are there to give these folks an idea of what a scene might look like. George Lucas helped sell Star Wars to 20th Century Fox this way.

Secondly, it gives designers a starting point for costumes, scenery, hair and make-up, etc. The final look of these things may deviate wildly from the initial concept art, or it may be almost exactly like it. Depends on the designer and director.

By the way, the concept art was done by a UK based artist, Rich Aidley. Drop by his website to see some other cool stuff:

This is the "initiation scene" in which Iris joins the academy girls. This scene springboards into the climax of the film.

Mmmm... Climax....

Here's the last two conceptual art pieces for Women's Studies.

First, the "Strip Club Massacre." This scene serves as the prologue for the entire film.

And finally, "Duel of the Goddesses," Mary and Judith's big Battle Royale near the end of the movie.


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