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what he said.

It was good. Really good. We passed out over 1,000 give-aways and got a copy of the teaser trailer and press kit into the hands of a distributor rep. I alos think we're going to get some good copy out of it including a possible Maxim/Femme Fatale-esque photo spread featuring whichever members of the cast are willing.

People really seemed to like the teaser and among all the indie films, we had one of the most professional booths there. I felt like the Women's Studies buzz was universally positive.

That graduate woman (same one, unless there were two women in graduate school for women's studies) was gushing a mile a minute about WS -- at the end of the conference she'd even gotten on the phone and was still talking rapidly about WS. 

Women's Studies will have an hour panel at Horrorfind Weekend where we'll premiere the first eight minutes of the movie and our new trailer.

I talked to the ladies at and they're 90% sure that filmmaker/journalist Jane Rose is going the moderate the panel which will feature me, Producer Cindy Marie Martin, DP Aaron Shirley, Tara Garwood and HOPEFULLY, Judith O'Dea. We're still trying to get the schedule straight with the Horrofind organizers who are probably also having to work around the Night of the Living Dead 40th anniversary schedule.

It's nutty because we want to, you know, send out a press release and try to drum up an audinece for this thing, but the fear is that it'll be the week of the event before they get the schedule locked down.

So, Jane Rose couldn't make it. Jen Tonon, a local filmmaker and Troma freak will be moderating. Jen and I know each other socially, so it should be good.


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