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So, HorrorFind Weekend is in Baltimore this weekend. I can't make it due to my call backs for Women's Studies, though I may drop in on SUnday.

However, I'm seriously thinking about heading up to Pittsburgh on September 15-17 for the Genghis Con to do some networking. Nacho, we should make some drunken debauchery out of it.

September's like a dream to me right now.  But if that weekend's free, no problem.

All right, so the editor starts work on putting together the pieces on Monday. The idea is to get some promo footage ready to premiere at the HorrorFind Weekend in Baltimore, MD on August 10 - 12, 2007.

This is a pretty big con, and Mrs. RC and I have a pretty big convention plan that we're going to implement. We'll have a pretty kick-ass table display in the main hall and I'm hoping we can work something out with the organizers on tings like trailer screening and maybe even a Women's Studies seminar. It's still early though.

Nacho, you must be there.

Will do.  Count me in... You're driving me.

And...there we go.  A long Saturday at Horrorfind which involved far too much alcohol.

The Ningen Manga booth was the best at the event...with lots of giveaways, Mrs. RC looking hot, and the teaser trailer playing over and over.  Every 30 seconds for seven hours... All I could hear in my dreams was the music from that trailer.  I'm surprised RC wasn't up in the rafters by the end of the day.


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