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I'm going to try really hard to make the 2006 election interesting, okay?  This may involve drugs, a few murders, and a fast car. 

So today's really interesting update is the equally really interesting Lieberman and his round-for-round really interesting shot-em-up with Ned Lamont.

Lieberman, who needs to die, has been thrown on the ropes by peacenik Lamont.  Lamont, anti-war, is in the lead, thank god.  Lieberman, even before the vote, is already a sore loser.  The game begins tonight in Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan and Missouri.    There'll be a live blog, which sounds agonizing, at for the Michogan primary.

The only agonizing thing here is that anyone actually votes for Lieberman. God.

I'm excited to see Lamot come on so strongly against an incumbent. He's got his head on straight and I think he'll win, despite the god-awful commercials he puts out.

I'm thrilled at how this has become a "race that has become a referendum on the war in Iraq" as the WP puts it.   

After the Reuters blowup, I've become paranoid about the media and have crawled in to my blog shell.

That said, I think the WP is right. There's a huge amount of resentment against the war right now, but the fact that newspapers always present "both sides" equally makes it seem as though the majority is smaller than the minority. I hate that fucking shit. Like when the 10-person "pro-GOP" rally gets more media coverage than the 10,000 person anti-GOP rally during the convention.

Lieberman is a cockstain, who has no business in politics.


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