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usually i do the "intelligent voter" thing and vote for who I think could best do the job on the state and local level.  If I didn't find out info about a certain race or position, I didn't vote for either candidate.  That's all out the window this year.  I always railed against the blind stupidity of it, but this year I'm checking that "Straight Democrat" box. 

It warms my heart to see the blue colors on those maps.

Also: apocalypse!

So Dems are making progress yet aren't projected to win the house (or senate) as had been hoped.  Green Party (etc) candidates (Kevin Zeese for MD Senate) aren't yet listed, nor did I find any hard current poll data -- what I saw was all based on "trending" from previous elections.  They also hadn't yet removed Duncan's name.  (It might have been too late to officially withdraw but he's not expected to get votes.) 

Looks like all the House votes are "weak", whether GOP, Dem, gain, or hold.  So everyone go visit and and help make sure the appocalypse hits while the Dems are on watch, so they can get blamed for it.

Yeah, those Green Party folks.  Hopefully they'll get their 17 votes this year.


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