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Monica Bellucci or no one. Sorry, she's #1 fit for it. I can't think of anyone else better suited. Baccharin's got a TV series down pat. Otherwise, I really think a different unknown actress would work better. You need someone with presence. Biel doesn't have it. Carpenter is too skinny to pull it off. You need someone tall. And with great baps. Bellucci for all, my friends.

Belucci strikes me as too prissy/girly. I need somene who I can believe as an ass kicker.

What, and Kate Beckinsale isn't? Kate has no weight. You saw The Brotherhood of the Wolf, right? Bellucci can do it.

i saw the brotherhood of the wolf and then immediately went to the place in Eternal Sunshine so I could get my memory erased and flirt with Kirsten Dunst.


--- Quote from: RottingCorpse on April 19, 2006, 12:11:16 AM ---Belucci strikes me as too prissy/girly.

--- End quote ---

Time for you to see Irreversible!  With the most brutal, unwatchable, sickening rape scene ever filmed. 

I know what you're saying though.  Bellucci Europe usually has her as a tough, commanding, coldly beautiful presence.  Bellucci Hollywood has her in all the sealed away since she was 14 years old roles, like in Brothers Grimm.  Or the five lines only, we hate heavy accents, Matrix roles.

She's perfect for Wonder Woman because she fills the suit, has the look, and American audiences think she can't do anything more than a throwaway superhero movie.

Enough of that, though, let's move back to the fantasy where Baccarin gets the TV series.  Because that girl deserves to be on the television more often.  Not just a pretty face, but she managed to eek something worthwhile out of Whedon's Tits and Be Quiet role.


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