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--- Quote from: nacho on March 12, 2017, 12:46:34 PM ---Oh, man, those cracks were clear months ago. Probably when we first saw the WWI Germans who looked more like the fantasy Nazis from Wolfenstein.

--- End quote ---

Well, yes, but I've been in denial... Somehow that doesn't seem possible anymore.

Early reviews came in last night, and they're glowing... with the caveat that the DC Universe bar has been set so low that "not too bad" is enough to pass muster.Most say that the first half is indeed pretty awesome, but the lead up to the lame and  nonsensical CGI climax kills the buzz a bit.

That said, I'm pretty excited to see what's up.

I can't believe we never gushed about Wonder Woman after it came out. Superhero typhoon fallout, I guess.

Watching this made me wonder (ha!) how WB can get Batman and Wonder Woman right for the most part, but just can't stick the landing on any of the other DC characters. I remember liking Man of Steel, but everything that followed was awful. (I have yet to watch Aquaman and Shazam so it may be that I simply have no idea what I'm taking about here.)

It seems to me that Marvel's superheroes were sort of designed to interact from the get-go whereas DC retconned all these characters to interact much later on. Hence the awkwardness when they try to team them up.

Anyway, this looks fantastic, and I'll watch Kristen Wiig dance through shit. (Which I think I did in the Ghostbusters reboot.)

I'm pretty sure I super-skeeved about Gal Gadot somewhere.

So Gadot? Wiig? Pascal? 1984? Sign me the fuck up, motherfucker. This is what I fucking want in my superhero movies. No connections to the huge multiverse franchise. Just fucking Gal Gadot kicking fucking ass while New Order plays at top volume. Thank you.


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