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Someone Thinks Tyson is Credible...

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I totally got interviewed for a popular web design site. Yay me.

Wait, SHIT! Tyson linked to something he did!

*freak out*:compress:
*banned* :blob6:

*logs out*

haha! you just provided ironic content!

Wait, what?

Also, I just finished throwing away the last of all my EM back-issues and supplies and letters and stuff.

Talk about the end of an era, man. It's almost depressing. Almost.

Tyson?  Where's Tyson!  He was banned!

tysonatemyballs, however, you have full permission from me to do anything on this website that doesn't bother me, which basically means..... not breaking the server.  (That's the hosting company's job.)  If I see anyone else linking to external sites, ANY sites, I will backtrace their email address to a postal address and send Barney over to handcuff you while he sings love songs about Shrub.

Nacho's another matter, tho.  For instance, I heard his favorite punishment involved life size My Little Pony binding and gagging you with Moral Majority bumper stickers and something nasty with those horns of theirs....

You know, I want that Tyson account back. I had, what? Like 2,000 posts?

Well, that, and the fact that I have to say that I ate balls every time I log in...


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