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Would someone please fucking explain to me what North Korea is doing? They launch missles that can't reach the U.S. (yet), then say they'll fuck anybody up who tries to stop them. Is it just saber rattling, or is Kim Jong Il simply the craziest fucking world leader since Napoleon?

I'm going with the latter. You saw Team America, right?


So ronery! So ronery and sadry arone!

If he's like Napoleon, we're all in loads of trouble man.  I mean, "crazy" as in military genius who steamrolled through Europe and revolutionized the way we fight wars to the point where the study of modern history is marked by the end of his reign?

It's saber rattling.  They want us to pay attention to them.  Either in the hopes we try to bribe them with sweets or that we go nuts and attack which will fuck up Asia and destabilize, you know, the world.

he's acting like any other grandpa once they reach a certain age, only this grandpa happens to be fabulously wealthy and insulated in a military industrial playland of his own making and own several hand-me-down weapons. 

i say this is one of those situations where even the U.N would be like, "you're right, he's a total dick.  If you assassinate him, we'll just look the other way."  Seriously, would anyone care if we just bumped him off?  I don't think France would even mind. 

UN: Kim, we don't want you  to have nukes.

Kim Jong Il: I HAVE NUKES!

UN: Um, we're going to slap you on the wrist with sanctions.

Kim Jong Il: THIS MEANS WAR!!!!


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