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Feminist Backlash?

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RC: 1, some blogger: 0.

And it continues . . . Go to the comments.

I invited her to be my friend, so be nice.

that's funny as hell.  I think you did the right thing with your last exchange with her.  I don't know if she'll ever "get it" in a way you'd both agree on, but it looks like she's not quite as low as a half wit and could be fun to engage in some philosophy to counterbalance the plethora of "DEATH RADIO!" photo comments.


--- Quote --- About me:
postmodern postpunk postfeminist postindian indigenous warrior poet woman professor mother wife lover sister daughter word wielding revolutionary tired but still going at it after all these years/cliche tears and more of a body count than i ever thought i could handle
--- End quote ---

We'll leave this up to Monkey.

That plan makes monkey! sense!  Except I think it's best played as a good cop/bad cop with monkey! and RC.  (Naturally, monkey! is the good cop.)


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