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Feminist Backlash?

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Look, I want to help you out of this.  He's crazy.  Just talk to me.  When, exactly, did you come to believe that you make sense?

My first hate mail!

--- Quote from: CJM, Women's Studies Professor ---Shame on you! No matter what blanket you are hiding this under, horror film or your right to free speech, this shows raw, red hatred of women. I am embarrassed for the honorable men who have to share their gender title with you.
--- End quote ---

Call her a dyke cunt.

Then mail her a great, dark-brown turd.

Honestly, I don't get the problem.  These people have enough time on their hands to get this worked up?

Especially for a movie they don't know jack about.

"I'm making a movie about a fema..."



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