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Hey you losers who are in college and young and expanding your minds and living life to the fullest and have nothing but a beautiful future ahead of you, who are some of the up and coming young authors these days?  New and fresh to the scene, edgy emo fucks.  Ooh-ooh, have you read this guy's book, ooh ooh.


Luke Sutherland wrote a great novel, "Venus as a Boy," although it does trail off in quality towards the end a little.

Erm... and that's about it. Jeff Noon is hardly up-and-coming or new....

Don't bother with Christopher Brookmyre: his novels are kind of fun, in a basic way... but his attempts at character development is really poor... especially imposed 3rd person thought sequences which are horribly done, awkward and dispicably obvious in what they're attempting to do....

James Frey. No, but seriously. A lot of new writers suck. I read through almost every single Bret Easton Ellis book this school year. I don't usually pay attention to new writers; most of the stuff I read these days has to do with journalism or media and society critiques.


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Erm... and that's about it. Jeff Noon is hardly up-and-coming or new....

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--- Quote ---Despite appearing in the catalogue, Jeff has stated that FOOC currently does not have a US publisher and therefore is not available in the US.
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I hear that Ray Robertson is groovy and hep.


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