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My firends Adam Schreck and Scot McKenzie also participated in the 2006 48 Hour Film Project. Ningne Mangaloids will recognize Scot as the mysterious "Mr. Smith" from First Session.

They pulled "foreign Film" as a genre an came up with this little ditty which I think is quite good.

It's called La Ver.

Really well done!

The fight in the underwear is... Interesting. *cough* I like how the did the ending at the beginning of the film. I know it's cliché these days, but it works in their case.

Did they happen to know French? Or was that all learned?

My understanding is that evrybody got a quick French lesson from the bald dude.

DC Shorts Festival organizer,Jon Gann and his crew also picked horror and made an interesting short with the provided elements. Just goes to show you how different minds will go different places.

This was one of my favorites. Their laptop ate their script, so they mad e a documentary about it. Funny, yet poignantly real too.


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