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come on down!

man, this forgottenohio site is awesome!  give me more!


--- Quote from: Cassander ---come on down!

man, this forgottenohio site is awesome!  give me more!
--- End quote ---

You'll top my list.  Love NOLA.





http://1947project.blogspot.com/  (not really UE, but sometimes explores the LA rapid transit system that GM blew up -- literally and metaphorically)






yeah, we'll hook up and do the bourbon street thing.  and meet some bywater punks.

bring your bike!

I tried to get some San Luis Obispo U.E. goin' on my freshman year, but Computer Science squashed those dreams pretty fast. I got a few good chuckles in, anyways:


That's the old site.

The train tracks that come through SLO take a winding, sloping path northward that rises vertically probably a few hundred yards over two miles of tracks. My old chiropactor told me that you can hike up there and sneak through the tunnels that dot the tracks, but only a few of them would give you enough room on the side to ensure survivng a run through. Some have cut-outs every fifty yards or so, so when you hear a train, you have to dash to the closest one to avoid becoming one with the cement.

Other than that, I haven't had time to get words on the good places to explore. This summer, I can pose as a student studying building decay or something and hit up our libraries for information on abandoned hospitals and industrial plants.

Just me, a camera, and a bike this summer.


--- Quote from: Cassander ---ha ha...september.  you slay me.

the days of road trips to ohio are coming to an end for me, my friend.  you know this.  this july is the last hurrah.  start in akron, the home base, day trips to kent bars, night walks on the tracks, record an album, try to break into the EJ Thomas building...Cleveland for the art museum, then a quick trip to Athens to see the unmarked graves and Cuckoo's Nest sanitorium.  also going to wellsburg for a weekend, the 9th i believe.  maybe i should drop in on action jackson and rascal ruschell.  then ann arbor and back down, perhaps stopping off in DC if you're back yet, then back to asheville and the folks.  

Gather my stuff and move on down to the Big Easy.  simple, right?
--- End quote ---

Which Wellsburg?  WV?  That's where action is from ya know...  It's such a shithole.  If you go there and don't hop across the river for free beer I'll just have to kill you.


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