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Under the Bed - 2006 48HFP

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So, my team is in for the 48 Hour Film Festival. For any of you who may not understand the concept, filmmakers are assigned certain elements (genre, a prop, a character name, and a line of dialogue) on Friday night and has to turn in a finished seven minute or less film by Sunday night that includes all the elements. It's a lot of fun, though not much sleep.

More info:

Anyway, fellow DC freaks, I need any cool locations you may have access to. We have things like houses, a forest, a graveyard, an office building, and even a TV studio and beauty salon. However, any other indoor or outdoor locations you can get me into would be cool. Doesn't matter what. I just want to keep as many options open as possible.

Well, I'm Maryland-side, but the Audubon house.  Big old house, 40 acres of wooded land with some urban decay outbuildings (greenhouse, sheds, and falling apart not-sure buildings in the woods).

I have all the master keys and alarm codes!  (the site sucks)

Also, all along Rock Creek there are creepy old places.  The abandoned sewer system at Forest Glen is rough and tumble woods area, like dropping into WVA, and then there's the Seminary:

They're now building it up into condos, so it's a mix of a massive abandoned site (the largest and weirdest in the area) and a construction site.

The historic buildings remain, and make for a great backdrop.  The security has stepped up with the construction, though.

It's May 5 - 7. I may seriously have you break us in to the Audubon if need be. Depends on what we need.

Audubon in May will have weddings.  Which might be nice.  I'll try and get the weddings that weekend, that way you'll have a chance to film while caterers are setting up or taking down -- the whole insane ritual and dance.  Free extras!  And we won't have to sweet talk the groundskeeper because I'll be officially installed. 

i can tourguide the same basic areas Nacho mentioned, minus the master keys.  I don't think anyone at Audobon recognizes me anymore but I know enough ancient names (and I currently look the part) that I could talk our way around your average minor people barrier.

Nacho might know some hidden rock creek areas I don't but I've seen a few movie worthy ones... Hey, RC, you should come up some weekend (ideally before May 5th) and we can all wander around.  When the sun drops we can grab some beer and food.


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