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--- Quote from: starrwriter ---No, beyond Maui is KONA. No chaos there. Sunshine, white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean water.

(Am I getting you hot yet, Jody?)
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Awww yeeaah. Kona. I know that there's also coffee and cattle there, but tell me, is there laundry?

Tylerson, are you getting this down, hon, so that you can woo a young girl-thing? And don't forget to mention the volcano, being sure to work into your pitch something about your magma.
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By a spoken word performer I published a few times, who absolutely rules:

--- Quote ---She is possibly volcanic in origin
Tumults formed of motel sheets
Craters and fumaroles all down the coast
Where fire has been brought to the surface
Born of friction
Carried by displacement
She breathes quietly now, she sleeps
She is possibly volcanic in origin

- Gregory Hischak
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He's the guy who did Farm Pulp, if you know what that is. It was my inspiration for starting EM.


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Number one: Their covers suck. Ouch.
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Psst...vanity press.
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Wrong. Vanity presses charge authors to publish their books. I didn't pay a dime for publication of my second and third books.

I can't wait to see how you do trying to get a book published by one of the big-name publishers in New York. Be sure to let me know.
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