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where class cuts you

I like that.

liberation cuts both ways
lose your prejudices, your body fluids, your life
acing this course could mean losing your head.

i'm hot for teacher
horror goes on double secret probation
there is no big man on campus at this school
if you don't have an open mind, they'll open it for you

and my favorite:

they're closing down the burrito place in the student center?  that is straight bullshit! we should get together a petition or something.  yeah, definitely.  or, i got a buddy on student senate.  i'll talk to him.  no, it's cool.  we pledged together.  god, those burritos are so good.  dammit.  well, we better at least stock up now. 

bear in mind that:

1.) it's 2:30 and I'm "buzzed"

2.) I have no idea what the plot of this movie is.


A stab in the chest is worth three in the bush

Suffrage has a new meaning (Suffrage redefined; Unadulterated Suffrage... that word has lots of angles to work with)

Sufferage for the new mellinium (see, Sufferage instead of Suffrage?  Rad)

Oh, I always thought he was saying 'Secret Asian Man'

Pronouncing 'Hrothgar' has never been this deadly

Put this in your beer bong and funnel it, frat boy.

And you thought differential equations was scary

No amount of jello shots in the mini-fridge of your soul can handle this

Dormed to death

Shit... I thought this was O-Chem

Not in my vagina!


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