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All right, folks I'm looking for taglines for the Women's Studies poster. Here's what I have so far. Let me know what you like and what you hate. I'm also open to new ones.

Class begins soon
Get ready to learn a thing or two
Prepare to be schooled
Cut to the head of the class.
There’s no cutting class.
Anything boys can do . . .
History. Anatomy. Dissection.
Reading. Writing. Revenge.
Equality cuts to the bone.
Cut through the prejudice. Once and for all.
Taking the kindness out of womankind.

You don't actually get any of them into a classroom setting, do you?  It's a troubled weekend in WVA, no?  Not to be one of those people who takes everything literally, but I think the taglines with that sort of bent should be tossed out right away.  However, I don't object to "Get ready to learn a thing or two."  I don't know, I get more from the script than the whole "school of death" thing. 

A lot of those are strong avoids, in my book, for various reasons.

It's a college setting. It deals with Academic ideas. It's called Women's Studies. The whole school motif figures pretty largely.

Maybe something playing with the "women's" part of it?

Yeah, I know... But it's not a movie about the setting.  It's not like suspira:  Girl goes to witch school and is indoctrinated and can't leave.  It has a very different and complex character-driven thrust.  I'm not blind to the setting, but I think you underestimate your own script if you cater to the setting in any way.  The textbook is fine, and cool, but you don't want the story to be about the school.  You've created good characters, good plot, and a fucking political conspiracy!  It's so much larger than Cut to the head on the class!

How about:

"Unravel the Feminine Mystique"

Never mind. That's gay.


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