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First Session will screen on Thursday, April 13 at  Gardels' Supper Club in Baltimore, MD. The film will begin at 9:00pm. Q&A with  Lonnie & Cindy Marie Martin (that's Mr. & Mrs. RC to you) to follow. We're also hoping to have a couple other surprises. More information can be found at the Gardel's website:

Tickets are $5 a head, but the money (or our cut of it) goes toward the Women's Studies fund.

Hey!  And the email announcement I just got doesn't show up here?

--- Quote ---Ningen Manga Productions' short film, First Session, will screen on Thursday, April 13 at Gardels' Supper Club in Baltimore, MD. The film will begin at 9:00pm. A Q&A will be held afterwards with members of the cast and crew.
First Session is about a troubled young man who visits a new therapist, but has no idea how much they have in common. The similarities they recognize in one another complicate what should be a strictly professional relationship. And the line between discovery and danger gets blurred by raw emotion--the one thing they both fear.
More info can be found at .
Ningen Manga Productions will also be discussing our next film, a feature entitled Women's Studies. It's the story of Mary, a pregnant grad student, and her friends who are held captive at a women’s academy that’s actually a cult of psychotic feminists bent on enslaving and/or murdering men. Rather than a typical "hack and slash" horror film, it's an intelligent look at groupthink, women's issues, and how blind belief in a one-sided dogma can create a terrorist. Though we have raised some of our budget, Ningen Manga Productions is currently still seeking investors to help fund the project. If you are interested in this type of investment, please join us at Gardel's to learn more.
More information can be found at the Gardel's website:
I hope to see you there!
Lonnie Martin
Ningen Manga Productions
--- End quote ---

I just got off vacation . . .

Tonight's the night.

This is our first First Session screening that being used as a fundraiser/investment event for Women's Studies. Mrs. DC has put together a fantastic PowerPoint pitch for the project. Hopefully some of teh mailers we sent out will wrangle us in some potential money people.

Even if nobody of that sort comes, it's looking to be a fair-sized crowd with a few old friends I haven't seen in ahile.

d'oh; I don't know how I missed the link.  Actually, I bet it was because it was posted whilst I worked night shift, and discounted it as during work hours.

how'd it go?


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