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So, I'm getting ready to do a major internet media blitz as we shift into Phase Two of film pre-production. I was wondering if I could get some help from the GS crew at large.

If you run across any Horror websites, throw the URL in this thread, so I can be sure to get them info.

Thanks folks. Here's a list of some I have:



I also suggest that you contact him.  Why not?  I've taken that approach with Moody Food -- just spam authors.  Maybe they'll say something, maybe not.  In both cases, there's nothing to lose.  In your case, though, you have even more to gain than a blurb.


You're right. And to getJoe-Bob's blessing . . . Gah!

This is going to be a big internet meadia sweep. I'll send out a press release announcing both First Session's availaibility for FREE download, as well as the official launch of thw Women's Studies website with the teaser trailer. Horro sites really dig that kind of grass roots thing.


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