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More tits.  (Not bigger, I know who that is and don't let her hit me), but more revealing.  Peel back that top a little bit more so we can get a full tit hit.  I also suggest a longer necklace, and more obvious.  Is that the female sign she has?  Get that to be more clear and have it down just above and between her breasts so we're drawn to the tits instead of the shiny thing around her neck.  The whole point of tits is eye catching -- so use them!  Shiny things are also a distraction.  Because the tits are covered, and it's all the way up there, I spent more time trying to figure out what it was (looked like a cross at first glance).

The knife looks odd, too.  Less steak knife, more hunting knife.  And holding a place in the book doesn't quite work for me.  I don't know what's better, though...


--- Quote from: Goblin_Queen on March 03, 2006, 10:58:14 AM ---It makes me wonder what this movie is about. Did I miss the thread where you tell us what the movie is about? Hey, is that a butcher knife?

--- End quote ---

for a full minute i thought the knife was a (leather) backpack strap, because it's small, the colors blend in, and the rest of the photo doesn't make me expect a knife.  The knife is just suspended somehow?  Horrific, systematic slaughter with a pristine kitchen knife?

The tits are great but Nacho's right -- the modesty is dismayingly respectful.  I realize you have your reasons (I recognize her), but this is a horror film set against rabidly PC college femenism, and that particular cleavage could be drooled over 3x as long for each half inch you reveal.  If you don't reveal a little more, I think the viewer will be questioning your motives. 

Here -- a great example of blending a necklace with tits.


--- Quote from: fajwat on March 03, 2006, 02:09:16 PM ---The tits are great but Nacho's right -- the modesty is dismayingly respectful.  

If you don't reveal a little more, I think the viewer will be questioning your motives. 

--- End quote ---

Explain what you mean a little more.

On more tits: Part of the reason it's less revealing is the angle the photographer took the shot at. Full on front, there's was much more cleavage and bosom. Also, I feel that there's just enough tits to be a tease, Like catching a glance of the tits of the hot chick you work with when she stands just the right way and her shirt opens a bit.

Plus, the main focus of the image isn't supposed to be the tits. It's the logo on the book cover. I understand that the tits are supposed to draw you in, but remember that the only bright colored things in the image are the woman's skin and the book cover. Kay, and the necklace, but that's against the skin. Everything else is dark contrast to draw attention to the title.

We actually discussed the necklace quite a bit and I felt like you do, that it should be clearer so people could see what it is. (It's an ankh.) However, the photographer convinced me that it's really a secondary element and that if people are taking the time to figure out what it is, they've already registered the important elements.

I guess a better question is what was the first thing your eyes went to? The necklace? The book cover? The tits?

The knife. I originally wanted her to be holding the knife, but it looked really awkward so we went with the bookmark idea which is only less awkward.

I lactually like the cropped version better, even for a big poster. What do you think?


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