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On my last film, First Session, we started marketing the film AFTER we made it, which I'm going to tell any aspiring filmmakers is the totally wrong way to do it.
The reason? Buzz is half of what we buy when we purchase a movie ticket or DVD. I want to add that this doesn't excuse sloppy or lazy filmmaking. But let's face it, what did we really pay for when we saw The Blair Witch Project?

With Women's Studies, marketing is in the forefront. This week, I'm hoping to reveal the totally kick-ass poster we've designed. Next month we're going to shoot a teaser trailer that's pretty damned exciting too.

Right now though, we're working on our website which we hope to be really fun and interactive. One big thing we're adding is video production diaries, not too different from the ones you may have seen on and for King Kong and Superman Returns respectively. (Though we will not rip them down and package them as DVDs to be bought as Universal did with the Kong diaries.)

We've got our own ideas for things we'll do, but I'm open to suggestions as well. Something you want to see us cover? Let us know here.

Time to get FS up for download/viewing!

That's being worked on.

This is the Women's Studies poster design. I'd love to hear people's thoughts, feedback, etc. The big questions you should ask yourself are a) "Does this image make me want to watch this film?" and b) "Is it an image that "grabs" me? Does it pique my curiosity?" The first image would be for big one-sheets, smaller posters, and print ads.

Here's the image cropped for a DVD cover.

It makes me wonder what this movie is about.  Did I miss the thread where you tell us what the movie is about?  Hey, is that a butcher knife?


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