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War with Canada!

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Forget Hamas -- the Great Ice War has begun.

--- Quote ---U.S. envoy dismisses Harper's Arctic plan
Last Updated Thu, 26 Jan 2006 08:09:54 EST
CBC News

The United States opposes a plan by prime minister-designate Stephen Harper to deploy military icebreakers in the Arctic in order to assert Canadian sovereignty, says the U.S. ambassador to Canada.

"There's no reason to create a problem that doesn't exist," David Wilkins said Wednesday as he took part in a forum at the University of Western Ontario in London.
U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins. (CP file photo)

"We don't recognize Canada's claims to those waters... Most other countries do not recognize their claim."

During the election campaign, which culminated with Harper's win this week, the Conservatives promised to spend $5.3 billion over five years to defend northern waters against the Americans, Russians and Danes.

"Sovereignty is something, you use it or you lose it," Harper said at the pre-Christmas announcement in Winnipeg.

His plan included the construction and deployment of three new armed heavy icebreaking ships, as well as the eventual construction of a $2-billion deepwater port in Iqaluit and an underwater network of "listening posts."

Harper wouldn't say whether he would order military action if the ships or port detected an unauthorized submarine in Arctic waters.

In an interview, Wilkins said he doesn't think that kind of military buildup is necessary in the Far North.

"We are simply having a disagreement on this," he said. "We have agreed to disagree, and there's no reason ... to say, 'There's a problem that's occurring and we gotta do something about it.'"

Wilkins also said he expects less anti-American sentiment from Harper's new minority government, and added that he called Harper to offer congratulations on his election victory.
--- End quote ---

So, this is the most ridiculous fucking thing I've read all day.

This just in... Canadian National Guard deployed to make sure Dave Foley's accent still intact.

Man, don't joke.  We are at the boiling point.  You'll sober up when poor Matt is deployed to reinforce our troops at Dead Wakamataki Lake (population 117).


--- Quote from: nacho on January 27, 2006, 12:33:56 PM ---Man, don't joke.  We are at the boiling point.  You'll sober up when poor Matt is deployed to reinforce our troops at Dead Wakamataki Lake (population 117).

--- End quote ---

Netflix Canadian Bacon ... I think it's a fairly accurate depiction of what war with Canada would look like.  We'd throw words at each other and talk shit about each other's beer and hockey teams.  A war with Canada means NHL becomes the most popular sport in North America for a year as the Americans try to pummel the shit out of our neighbors to the North.  It will be nothing more.


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