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It's Only Terrorism When "THEY" Do It


Not to get all "leftie" on you, but isn't the U.S. killing 17 people (12 of which were women and children) whilst trying to (for all intents and puposes) assassinate Ayman al-Zawahri, Osama's #2 man as much an act of terrorism as the 9/11 attacks? We're basically going into foreign airspace and randomly dropping bombs (with an unmanned aircraft) because we suspect ONE DUDE of some wrongdoing. The fact that we may not have even gotten the guy makes it all the more shitty.

Unsupported War. Torture. Indiscrimnate Spying. And now what amounts to an unprovoked attack on foreign soil. This government's actions are getting more and more irresponsible as time goes on.

nah, they've been irresponsible.  they're just getting more brazen and the numbers are racking up.


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